Wall Putty

Royal Paints and lights wall putty product outshines the finishing touch to the surfaces. Royal wall putty coat application brings brightness, shine and strength to the wall. The paint lasts longer when you apply wall putty on the surfaces before you paint.The first job to create a smooth wall is use of Putty.

Royal wall putty is white cement applied on the exterior and interior walls redefining the effects of colour to be applied. It is a powder based fine mixture of cement with flexible powder polymer, cellulose, pigments and many other additives. Without the use of wall putty the smoothness in the wall lacks which may create uneven look after paint therefore the use and purpose of Wall putty is to:

  • To create a uniform surface ready for painting.
  • Fills the hairline cracks, pores and on the wall.
  • Prevents water seepage or absorption.

Royal wall putty is cost effective quality product available at reasonable cost. Royal Lights and Paints understand the value of quality paint products which customers can easily purchase. Bring a finished touch on the walls of your home with Royal wall putty. Every colour on the wall has something to say.