Suraksha Shree Wall Putty


Suraksha Shree wall putty is a specially design product manufactured with a new “Low dust technology” which make a dramatic reduction in airborne dust, created during pouring and mixing of putty without changing on rough plasters to give a smoother finish & stronger adhesion. It is best suited to minimize paint cost and extend it’s durability. It protect your expensive paint and retains its beauty for long. Being pure white and smooth, it bring out the true tone/shade of expensive Emulsion applied over it.

DRYING TIME : Surface dry 60-90 minutes/Hard dry 24-48 Hrs.
RECOAT TIME : At an interval of 3-6 hours
COVERAGE : 25-30 SQ ft/kg/coat on a well prepared surface
SHADE : White
PACKAGING : 40Kg, 20Kg, 5Kg

  • Applicable on both new and old wall surface.
  • Gives a smooth & bright, finish.
  • Prevents water seepage/leakage through cracks/voids in mortar-concrete.
  • Non-toxic, odourless & anti-fungal.
  • Controlled water vapour permeability.
  • Resists the growth of algae and fungi on wall.
  • Good Intercoat adhesion to Emulsion Paints.
  • Reduction in airborne dust.