Suraksha Shree Red Oxide Metal Primer

FINISH/SHEEN: Smooth Finish

Give your’s home metal surface a rich and long lasting look. Suraksha Shree Red Ixide Metal Primer comes with a exceptional corrosion resistance and also offer good opacity, coverage, flow, and leveling properties.

METHOD OF APPLICATION :  Brush, Roller or Spray
DRYING TIME  : Surface dry 180-350 minutes./Hard dry 42-72 Hrs.
RE-COAT TIME : At an interval of 6-18 hours
COATING SYSTEM : 2-4 Coats as required
SHADE  : Red & Oxide
PACKAGING : 10ltr, 4ltr, 1Kg, 500ml, 200ml, & 50ml



• Solvent Base
• Smooth in flow and leveling
• Good Coverage