Suraksha Shree Premium Surface Primer

FINISH/SHEEN: Good Durability

SURAKSHA SHREE Surface Primer are used for applying on wooden to prevent it from corrosion and give beauty and protecting coating to the surface. SURAKSHA SHREE Surface Primer is a high performance protective coating giving high gloss finish to the doors, window, cupboards, railings, grills etc.


METHOD OF APPLICATION : Brush, Roller or Spray
DRYING TIME : Surface dry 180-300 minutes./Hard dry 24-48 Hrs.
RECOAT TIME : At an interval of 6-14 hours
COATING SYSTEM : 3-6 Coats as required
SHADE : White & Colors
PACKAGING : 10ltr, 4ltr, 1Kg, 500ml, 200ml, & 50ml



• Hi-Gloss
• Smooth Finish
• Solvent Based