Suraksha Shree Black Japan


FINISH/SHEEN: High Quality

SURAKSHA SHREE Black Japan is oil based paint which is made for superior quality of raw material and it ensures durability to its end user. It contains high bitumen content that provides a protective finish and dries quickly. These are the economical product which are mostly used for the protection of iron and steel structures, pipes and other construction above or below water.

Black japan is also being used undercoat in plywood to extend its life and avoid termite and roof for cooling and waterproofing.


METHOD OF APPLICATION  : Brush, Roller or Spray
DRYING TIME  : Surface dry 180-400 minutes./Hard dry 48-72 Hrs.
RECOAT TIME  : At an interval of 6-12 hours
COATING SYSTEM  : 2-3 Coats as required
PACKAGING  : 20ltr, 10ltr, 4ltr, 1ltr & 500ml,


• Provides automotive finish
• Dries Quickly

• High durability
• Provides protective finish