Solar Lights

Royallights and Paint and lights have some more products for customers and one of them is solar lights. Solar lights are highly in demand due to its low cost and economical feature. The solar energy is transferred to light using solar panel. Our innovative solar light transforms energy into light and with involvement of latest technology we have produced an effective lighting solution. Our solar light is available to all customers at low cost.

Royal paints and lights have some solar power related innovative products such as solar panel, control charger, solar battery and solar mobile charger.


Solar Panel Solar Panel
Royals Paints and Lights award winning solar panels are quality product made with use of new technologies and good quality material. Solar panels are designed to absorb solar energy and convert into renewable energy. Also known as PV or photovoltaic module as they don’t need anything beyond sun rays. Extremely low cost energy power generation with minimum cost and environment friendly system. Royal solar panels are designed to bear the extremely bad weather conditions in India. When you install the solar panel, you saved tons of money on electricity. Solar panels are made of thick iron glass, covered with anodized aluminium frame which generates huge power. We offer 25 year warranty on our solar panels.
Control Charger Control Charger
Royal Paints and Lights solar charge controllers are powered by latest generation microprocessor and MPPT Technology. This product makes your solar system generate maximum solar power – 30% more than ordinary charge controllers. The micro-processor enabled six stages charging ensure optimum charging of batteries which increases battery life by 6 months.
Solar Battery Solar Battery
Royal solar batteries are low maintenance lead acid batteries. With innovative solution, our solar batteries are designed at C/rating for deep discharge performance. It can sustain partial state of discharge. The Ah efficiency of the battery is greater than 90%, efficiency is greater than 75% and endurance test is qualified as per ISI standard. Our batteries have high performance, very reliable, long life, quick charge and low self-discharge.

Solar Mobile Charger Solar Mobile Charger

Royal Paints and Lights mobile charger is our latest innovation in mobile technology. Using the solar energy, you can charge your phones. You don’t need electricity to charge your small devices. Wherever you go or travel you no longer need to bother about your phone discharge. For Royals mobile charger, only UV or sunlight is required to high up the device usability. It’s a small device, easy to carry and can be purchased at low cost from us. This durable small product works wonder to allow you stay connected to the technology.