Royallights and Paint Primer is superior product for creating the foundation of a wall. The smooth finish of Royal primer is easy to paint and makes wall sparkle after the application of two coats. We recommend customers to get the primer done on wall or any surfaces before choosing to paint.

The primer is best friend to the colour application on the wall. It has anit-fungal feature which does not allow paints to fade easily. The primer application brings smooth finish to the walls. It dries fast and a very good adhesive to the walls.

Primers are classifies as: Metal primers, Interior wall primer, exterior wall primer and solvent primers.

We suggest clients to get the primer done before you paint your walls. It truly redefines the colour you choose. Royallights and paint Primer is durable and provides good protection on the material you paint at the same time adding up grace to the paint you choose.

Prime your home walls and surfaces and notice the brightness of colour.