Diamond Finish Int. Emulsion


FINISH/SHEEN: High Durability (Paint Life 7-8 years)*

Area Of Application: Ceiling False Ceiling & Plaster / Concrete / Brick Work, etc. It is a Diamond Finish quality paint that provides a luxurious, silky finish to interior walls.

METHOD OF APPLICATION :  Brush, Roller or Spray
DRYING TIME  : Surface dry 60-90 minutes/Hard dry 24 Hrs.
RECOAT TIME  : At an interval of 2-4 hours
COATING SYSTEM  : 2-3 Coat as required
COVERAGE  : 80-130 SQ ft/kg/coat on a well prepared surface
SHADE  : White & Bases
PACKAGING  : 20ltr, 10ltr, 4ltr, 1ltr.


• Antimicrobial fungus resistant coating.
• Stains wash off easily, superior scrubbaility.
• Resists scuffs & stains.

• Low Odour & Low VOC.
• Moisture resistant.
• Excellent hiding, especially in dark color