Exterior Emulsion

Royallights Exterior Emulsion paint is water based product specific for the outer walls and tiles. This paint is designed to protect the outer surfaces of the home, industry or anything you would like to paint. Royal exterior paint is a premium product with added silicone which means it has extra protection from weather, dust and rain.

Royallights and Paint’s exterior emulsion is silicon based product which is powdered chemical when added to the paint reflects visible water repellence. Our exterior paints immaculate luxurious finish and water based finish is long lasting high performance paint to give outer surfaces everlasting and all weather protection.

Royallights and Paint’s emulsion paints are effective for roof tiles and bricks. We have unique texture paints for exterior walls. Our exterior emulsion paints are weather shield hence protects walls from damage and UV. Outer walls get enhanced life with 100% rainproof protection and 7 year guarantee. Pick from our exclusive range of exterior paint colours and bring new life to the outer shield.