Suraksha Shree Decorative White Cement


Decorative White Cement Is Charging The Way The world Looks At Architecture Aesthetics. Though Cement Has Been Used For Structural Proposes For Centuries, The Aesthetics Application Were Made Possible Only After The Invention Of Decorative White Cement. Decorative White Cement Has Essentially The Same Properties As Grey Cement, Except For Color, Which A Very Important Quality Issue In The Industry. It’s The Raw Materials And The Special Manufacturing Process That Makes The Difference. With Decorative White Cement, The Boundary of Your Imagination Is The Boundary Of Possibilities. Let’s Make The World More Beautiful Place with Decorative White Cement.

DRYING TIME : Surface dry 60-90 minutes/Hard dry 24-48 Hrs.
RECOAT TIME : At an interval of 3-6 hours
COVERGE : 25-30 SQ ft/kg/coat on a well prepared surface
SHADE : White
PACKAGING : 50Kg, 20Kg, 5Kg, 1Kg


• Highly Effective
• Longer Self Life
• It Has A Superior Whiteness

• It Has Superior Fineness
• Precise Composition
• It Offers Freedom To Create Designs