About Us


In an attempt to provide globally recognized painting solution, Suraksha Shree has perfectly blended international expertise with Indian heartedness. To be more specific, Suraksha Shree has tried to grab best painting solution around the world that best suits the Indian climatic condition and Indian customers.

Since the founding, Suraksha Shree has stood for quality and innovation in the paint industry. The name has been always associated with height quality paint product and by constantly monitoring emerging technologies and raw materials, Suraksha Shree delivers the top-of-the line paint products to its customers brand ‘Suraksha Shree’ won recognition for its superior performance, when a leading consumer testing organization called it “best preforming latex paint in the market today”.

In the era of modernization, Suraksha Shree tried to deliver world’s best quality paint products  to its customers, which would be best worth the prices they would be paying for. Generally the companies try to actually fool people by spending a hug budget on advertising and thereby creating a demand of their products. These companies charge a nice price of their products simply as to cover their advertising cost and in lieu of it supplies a product whose coat is actually higher than its real and original prices. But here at Suraksha Shree the policy and thought some what differs form these companies. At Suraksha Shree it is believed that if the money is used to create exceptional product you won’t require it to be spending big on advertising.

Ultimately the motto of Suraksha Shree is to deliver world’s best paint which doesn’t harm our environment and our fellow being at the best affordable price. Suraksha Shree products are formulated and manufactured not only keeping the safety in mind of its customers end but also for the safety of its employees.

For these reasons, Suraksha Shree manufactures its products using two main guideline: first, the research and formulation of products that offers the lowest environmental impact & the most improved toxicological characteristics, and second through the availability of material data sheet that include such information as product safety, toxicology and environmental impact. By working with the laws and regulation of our industry, Suraksha Shree are committed to responsible manufacturing by employing the latest technology in every aspect of the production process. Such processes are constantly evolving with the goal of reducing possible negative impacts on the environment.